Schwinn Scooters

Does a tradition of making quality products make a difference? You bet it does! Schwinn scooters are produced by the people with a heritage of providing top-quality vehicles and service for more than 100 years. Now you can choose from a full line of 4-stroke Schwinn scooters to get your hands on affordable transportation with really great style. Here’s a lineup of Schwinn scooters that you might want to check out..

Laguna 50 melds modern features like hydraulic front suspension, front disc brake, lightweight alloy wheels and a smooth 4-stroke 49.5cc motor with classic design look. Why settle for link front suspension, drum brakes and steel wheels when you can have the best for the same price? Schwinn scooters say you don't have to settle for less.

Hope 50 is pink version of the Laguna that has helped Schwinn scooters raise over $100,000 for a worthy cause: breast cancer awareness and research through the Schwinn Hope Foundation. Make a statement as you buzz past the groundlings!

Want more Hope? Try the Hope 150, the new, larger 150cc model that supplies more power for open road riding and longer hauls.

Schwinn scooters think you should have lots of room to stretch out, so the Newport 50 offers you more space including extra length from the saddle to the handlebar, a higher saddle for more leg room, plus telescoping front suspension, front disc brake, alloy wheels and all the trimmings with a 49.5cc engine.

If bigger is better, and because you are a full-grown adult, you will like the difference that the Newport 150 makes by offering you’re the longer cockpit and bigger saddle of the Newport 50 plus the power and pickup of a 150cc motor, the biggest in the Schwinn scooter series.

The Sport 50 packages the 4-stroke 49.5cc engine of the Schwinn scooter series with an updated urban design that is engineered for practicality and fuel efficiency. Let the hydraulic front shocks smooth out the potholes while the front disc brakes help you avoid collisions with reckless cab drivers in urban obstacle courses.

Consider the ease of parking and refueling the sporty Valo 50, a full-featured member of the Schwinn scooter collection featuring fully adjustable rear suspension, LED lighting, awesome dash display, cushy 12" wheels and pegs for a passenger.

If you like the Valo 50, but want the “big boy” (or “big girl”) version, consider the Valo™ 150, the Schwinn scooter 150cc motor version for the extra oomph that makes covering ground just that much easier.

Whatever model you choose to get, you’ll see that Schwinn scooters deliver.